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page 298

24 05 2006 22:40

No Comics next Week

Hehe title says it all :P I'm away next week so I can't post any comics, but it will be back to normal posting when I get back.


24 05 2006 22:40


I' won't be posting today but I will be posting 3 pages tomorrow!! Thats two for this week and one for next week because I won't be able to post them otherwise! I hope you like.


24 05 2006 22:40

2 weeks

There won't be many updates over the next 2 weeks I can't really manage it, I've got alot of work to finish for school and coming up to christmas I find I'm panicing alot :P Anyways this means I'll update when I can, I'll definately try to make at least one comic a week yay!

Sorry everyone, thanks for reading and all your comments!!


24 05 2006 22:40


I can't post today, school has just piled on a load of work. But I will still make Fridays.

24 05 2006 22:40

No scanner!

There will be no update on friday (the 8th) because my scanner isn't working, it should be fixed at the weekend so hopefully I can post on Monday!

*EDIT: No scanner untill Friday! So I will try to get post this coming weeks pages on Saturday 16th

24 05 2006 22:40


I´m really stuck for updates because our internet crashed on us for a week before we went on holiday, it got fixed while on holiday and now I can´t update because I´m still away. I´m very sorry, but I hope to post ASAP.

I hope you don´t get bored :)


24 05 2006 22:40

Next Update -

I will try and post this weeks comics on Saturday as I can't make the Monday, Wednesday, Friday deadline this week. Sorry and thanks for being patient!


EDIT: OK I 've failed, I have to go stay with my gran at the weekend so I can't update then. So hopefully it will be back to normal on Monday.

Sorry. xxxxx

24 05 2006 22:40

Exams :(

Sorry the latest comic is on Thursday and not Wednesday, I'm in the middle of my exams. I will try and get Fridays comic finished for Friday but I'm might not manage it!

Thank you!!

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