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» Comics - page 55 - 24 05 2006 22:40

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Author Comments:

Advertisement, 24 05 2006 22:40

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User Comments:

Random (Guest), 24 05 2006 22:40

Lol, it looks like Kai (thats his name right?) got hit in the cheek.

Other than that, kawaii! Like the sparkles~ :P

*senses love connection*

catqueen13, 24 05 2006 22:40

X3!!! That's so kyute! *also senses love connection* #^_^#

Reiji, 24 05 2006 22:40

AHHHHH! Yay, finally, they are looking at each other in the shoujo-light! Haha, yay! <3

VampireKizu, 24 05 2006 22:40

How sweet there blushing.

Sidheprincezzz, 24 05 2006 22:40

aww this is so sweet. (snuggles)
my last request is... to have you carry me everywhere! XD

coren, 24 05 2006 22:40

great comic... lol Sidheprincezzz, her last request should have been for him not to kill her :D

wakaujisb, 24 05 2006 22:40

so cute....

UglyKitten, 24 05 2006 22:40

I leave forever, it seems, and suddenly all these updates...X___X KYAAAAAA, so cute! ^__^ lol, y'know...I still have this little theory goin' in my head that Kai is her childhood friend and that the reason her parents had to kill his parents is cause they saw something they shouldn't have, but her parents were running away...

Yes, I have long-winded theories that rarely turn out to be true. XP

Frantheman, 24 05 2006 22:40

Hmmm... can't decide whether its cute or whether to throw up...
Other than that, its brilliant!

Nadishko, 24 05 2006 22:40

Aaaaaaaaaaa... so cute >_<

KaiKudo, 24 05 2006 22:40

how do you do all the effacts!!!0_0 anywas love the coimc!!^w^

belovedrain, 24 05 2006 22:40

Um, so he's granting this last request so he can kill her? But ya know what, who cares? Never argue with the man with the gun (w/o could reason of course, but that's beside the point.) So whatever fishy-boy, do whatever you want ('Kai' made me think of 'Koi')

icecreamlover, 24 05 2006 22:40

hes not gunna be able to kill hjer :]

kuroi_hitsuji, 24 05 2006 22:40

idiot boy. You shoudda just shot her and get it done with..what kinda killer are you? D<

Sasori-Vampire, 24 05 2006 22:40

Lol. ~makes it rain sparkles and small kittens~ You, Kai, have just entered the land of L-O-V-E. for you bakas out there, that spells luv. :D. Go sparkles! yay for creepy murderer/victim romances XD!!! lolz!

Your art is wonderful, but while drawing try to make the faces less pointy and long. with the girl, try for a cute round look wih a wide point x3. oh but dont take this personally, jsut a suggestion, nothing else XD!

constant_boredom, 24 05 2006 22:40

The classic twilight sparkles

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