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» Comics - page 268 - 24 05 2006 22:40

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Author Comments:

Advertisement, 24 05 2006 22:40

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User Comments:

Galinda, 24 05 2006 22:40

I've been checking this all day to see if it updated. Once it finally did I was shouted "YES! YES! OH, THANK GOD!" I need this comic. It is my drug.

And omg! I love this page! Third panel: Kai = <3
He's so beautiful.

Who would've thought the guy at the beginning of the comic could turn out so sensitive and caring. <3

metal weirdo100, 24 05 2006 22:40

omg yes! i was hoping you would update! i love this comic! and odd...the bad guy turned into the good guy, the good guy turned into the bad guy =/ weird twist

u_fido_u, 24 05 2006 22:40

rai, u need to beat some sense in zak!

Kiiroi, 24 05 2006 22:40

I love it ^^

Mikashi, 24 05 2006 22:40

Yay, an update.
Oh god, Kai's gonna get pissed.

Arwym Starlight, 24 05 2006 22:40

Girl in the Rain (Sarah), could you send me a PM with the template of your site's comic page? I want to see if this has something to do with the tags. Or if you can yourself, will you check for the date tags in that template? I just think it's about time we find out why this particular area of your website always gives the same date every time. :o

Edit: Never mind, it seems your comic archive has the same problem. Do you mind if I go to the forums and ask for help?

mangakittycoon, 24 05 2006 22:40

don't know why but I screamed at this page, I guess I'm so excited XD great oage. can't wait for more

Niah, 24 05 2006 22:40

I love that close-up of Liana in the fourth panel!

BlackCatz, 24 05 2006 22:40

A update! Yay!

Yeah, go for it Kai! XD

I love the closeups of Kai and Liana (3rd and 4th panels).. they're adorable.

Evenstar (Guest), 24 05 2006 22:40

Oh, yay! HOLD HER KAI, TELL HER EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE OKAY~ ; 3; I-I'm doing it again.
Oh, and Kai, third panel = love. :D
A-and I'll hug Aito, cos in the last panel I just want to fling my arms around him. ; 3; S-sorry all you AitoLiana fans. ;D

lovesfirstkiss, 24 05 2006 22:40

Hit Zak again! Hit him! hit him!! :D

I hope we never see him again!! :p

Oohh Kai is going to be so angry unlesss Liana manages to keep it a secret!!!

SuuNuu, 24 05 2006 22:40



toboe059, 24 05 2006 22:40

go beat the crap outta zak kai!! XD

kuroi_hitsuji, 24 05 2006 22:40

family conflict! DUNDUNDUN!!! XDDD

Ze Mango Girl =D, 24 05 2006 22:40

worried worried *dances around* =D

michaelj316, 24 05 2006 22:40

AGAIN the skanks should be beaten to death,by me!!!!!*pokes Ze Mango Girl*do i have to die now?

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